Monday, May 6, 2013

Let's do it!

As I sit here on the precious little love sound asleep in my arm/lap...after just reading a birth story on another blog, I wonder where to begin.  Naturally, I must start with my little love, Lorelei.  Not yet about her arrival, but rather the decision that led to her arrival.

For Jake and I, the last few years have been very difficult. 
We had discussed growing our family for many years, confident that we wanted at least three to four children - replace ourselves and add to the population ;-)  It was, however, never the 'right' time...and while many a person has told me that the 'right' time will never come along, we needed to come to that conclusion on our own. was on a sunny May afternoon, right after family had left our home after a wonderful week-long visit, including my sweet little nephew Ryder Lee, who at the time was nearly 9 months...we had this talk... 
The conversation went a little something like this: 
Me: Wow!  It was so fun having little Ryder around.
Jake: Yeah...he's such a fun little guy, I miss him.
Me: Me too...So much, I think we should have one of our own. 
Jake: Yeah, well maybe once my career situation is ironed out, in a couple years we can try ourselves.
Me: No...I don't want to wait anymore.  I'm tired of waiting, we've been doing that for years.  I think we should try now...put our trust and faith in God.  He will provide what we need, when we need it.
Jake: Really??
Me: Yes!!! I think if we put our trust in Him, He will give us what we need.
Jake: Okay, let's do it!
We left it all in God's hands and asked that His will be done for our family.  I can honestly say, I was not in the least bit scared with this decision, rather extremely excited.  We were finally going to do what we had put off for the past seven years or so.  WOW...I could not wait to get started!!!!   

About three weeks later we learned we were pregnant!  That is a day I pray I NEVER forget...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Starting the blog...a little lost!

Hey, we decided to start a blog last year while I was carrying our first addition to this flourishing Flynn family and well, life got pretty busy.  So, in my true form I have come back to it...but I forgot the Google email I established to set up the account last year.  If you know me well (wink, wink honey) like my hubs does, this is no surprise. after a little rocking, nursing, tummy time, cooking and a whole lot of drool wiping...along with trying various ways of imputing the email as I thought it was...I found it!  So I have copied and pasted it into this first post of this new blog so I can erase the old one.  And this time I have the email and password written down, so I will not forget in the future.  LOL!
Here it goes...
Posted to our original August 26, 2012
We are the Florida Flynn Family...trying out this blogging business.  I have never been much in the way of a writer, the mister is the writer of the family and he too will contribute, but he is currently enthralled in the reading of a book about the French Revolution (...boring...I mean, how sophisticated!).  Anyway...being that we have embarked on the journey to parenthood, we have decided to make a point to document our family life for the sake of the little ones.  At this point there is only a singular little ONE, but God willing, we hope to have few children in this journey though life.  The mister and I were married 9 years ago come November and we are elated that God has given us the blessed opportunity to rear one of His children.   What an enormous responsibility it is, but we feel incredibly blessed to have been chosen.